McDonald’s – in a sodding service station

by guyspartacus

Last night, on a drive back from Sevenoaks, I decided I’d try McDonald’s for the first time in about 15 years.

I saw the signs along the M20, Costa coffee and a big yellow M. Leeds Castle, Junction 8 if you want to visit (I wouldn’t bother though).

Parked up and shuffled in to the big brown building that houses this gamut of delights – fat families already in view, walking out with big beige paper bags that were rapidly becoming darker as the grease soaked out from the inside. I joined the queue – why is there always a queue at these places? – and perused the menu.

‘Why not try a few things?’ I thought as people stuffed their faces around me…so I did.

The young lad behind the till wasn’t the brightest, but I assumed he’d at least have a grasp of his remit as a McDonald’s employee – you know what they say about assumption though. He didn’t understand the till, he had trouble with the drinks machine and generally seemed unsure about the whole system he was a part of (maybe something to be admired).

So – onto the food.

McChicken Nuggets (6 No.) – Relatively innocuous lumps of what seemed to be genuine chicken meat dipped in ketchup one has to pour into little paper cups.

Big Mac – Apparently the original and best (I can’t believe they’re talking about burgers in general with this statement – maybe the original and best burger called a Big Mac, or maybe the original and best double burger with a bit of bun in the middle). Again, beige food that doesn’t have much texture – turns into a mush in the mouth with very little mastication, not unpleasant in taste but nothing to write home about.

Cheddar Supreme – Some speciality promotion thing to do with being English. Similar in texture to the Big Mac, oval rather than round. The ‘cheddar’ didn’t add anything of value and the mayo and relish seemed to have been applied by someone that had been given a ladle and wanted to find a use for it. Again, not unpleasant in flavour but mushy and way too much sauce.

After this little trip into this most popular of eating establishments. I very much doubt I’ll go again, perhaps for another 15 years. Maybe by that time the food will just be savoury beige cubes. Hey, at least I’m prepared for the Olympics now.